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Gestation surrogacy with donor eggs

Throughout the world, there are many families that have made their dreams of having a baby come true with the help of gestational surrogacy. It is an assisted reproduction technique that has helped public figures such as Elton John, Ricky Martin, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sarah Jessica-Parker, Kim Kardashian and Lucy Liu, and many, many other families, who are today at home with their children in Spain, Italy, Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany, etc. All these families received advice, help and support during their journey from the beginning right until they returned home with their baby in their arms.


Depending on medical advice and the unique case of each couple, surrogacy can be achieved using: artificial insemination with semen from the future father, in vitro fertilization with the surrogate’s own eggs, IVF using donor eggs or by double donation, with both donor egg and donor sperm. Whatever the assisted reproduction technique chosen, to be able to perform the process of gestational surrogacy, the fundamentals are the surrogate, and the parents, whether homosexual or heterosexual, native or international.

Fertysurrogacy are specialists in gestational surrogate pregnancy with donor eggs, and collaborate with one of the largest gamete banks in the world. Below, we explain the process step by step:



Fertysurrogacy will put you in touch with a legal advisor in order to sign the surrogate pregnancy program and begin the process.


An analytical phase where the state of health of the parents, genetic material of the sperm sample and other aspects are assessed.


To select the egg donor for the assisted reproduction treatment, you need to register at and access the large catalogue of donors.


We undertake a rigorous process where the candidate surrogate is evaluated. She must in a good state of physical and mental health and have given birth naturally to at least one child, amongst other factors. The role of the surrogate in this treatment is to carry and give birth to the baby.


For In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), the egg donor must undergo an ovarian stimulation process in order to achieve a suitable quantity of eggs. Once mature eggs are obtained after an egg retrieval, they are fertilized and embryo transfer is scheduled. For this purpose, the surrogate must undergo endometrial preparation in order to receive the embryo.

6. Pregnancy

Ten days after the embryo transfer, the surrogate must attend a consultation for a test to confirm the presence of beta-hCG, the hormone indicating a pregnancy. Two weeks later, the specialist will perform the first ultrasound to re confirm the pregnancy.


Fertysurrogacy provides you with all the facilities for real time monitoring of the pregnancy. Photographs, videos, daily video calls with specialists and the gestational surrogate, so that you are stay fully informed at all times. You can also visit the surrogate and stay at our facilities whenever you wish, with all the services and amenities.


The baby’s birth is the final, and most important part of the process. Our medical and legal time will be at your side from the beginning of the pregnancy to advise you on what you need for you journey home with your baby.

Want to make your dream of building a family come true? Get in touch and we can equip you with all the information that you need.