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Cancun: ideal for your baby’s comfort


In any gestational surrogacy journey, the priority is giving the best to the future baby and a relaxed pregnancy is crucial for avoiding complications during the nine months of surrogacy. At FERTYSURROGACY we have thought about you and the well-being of your future baby, and taking all this into consideration we want to provide you with unique facilities in order to guarantee that the process is successful.


FERTYSURROGACY offers you different surrogacy programs and a series of amenities and services so that you can stay calm and relaxed during the pregnancy and birth of your baby.

  • Individual rooms

The gestational surrogate will have a completely individual room in order to ensure her rest before and during the pregnancy.

  • 24/7 medical care

Our medical team of qualified specialists will be available at all times to monitor the pregnancy.

  • Update of the process

The medical team will send you monthly reports of the process so that you can check that the pregnancy is going well. In addition, a coordinator will be assigned to you so that you can be in contact with her whenever you need to.

  • The baby’s birth

In the days before the expected birth (if there are no complications beforehand), we will schedule your travel. You can be present during the birth to see your baby being born and be with him or her from the very beginning. In the first days after the birth, you will stay in a fully-equipped private family room for as long as you require.