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FERTYSURROGACY is an international surrogacy agency born from the experience of a team of professionals qualified in gestational surrogacy, law and reproductive medicine. It combines the expertise of FERTYGEN clinic, the number one clinic for assisted reproduction in Mexico and OVOBANKID, the first worldwide donor egg bank.

At FERTYSURROGACY you will find a team of lawyers specializing in International Family Law, assisted reproduction and gestational surrogacy, with experience in representing families from all countries, and will provide you with specialized support at all stages of the process. Our work focuses on avoiding any challenges that could be experienced during the, taking into account the rights of all the interested parties involved, especially the children.


Due to our partnership with FERTYGEN, a leading assisted reproduction clinic in Mexico, you can undergo treatment with an absolute guarantee of success. We offer different surrogacy programmes with egg donation (donated eggs), fully personalised and adapted to your preferences. Through OVOBANK ID, you can choose your ideal donor from an on-line photo catalogue.


Cancun is an ideal and exclusive place to carry out a surrogacy process. For some years now, this destination has been chosen by many different family models: homosexual couples, heterosexual couples, single men, single women and any other family type.

We will help you plan your trip, offering you different facilities located in an ideal environment and a host of amenities to achieve your dream: the arrival of your baby. You will be accompanied by a team of specialists (doctors, gynecologists, psychologists, pediatricians…) right from the beginning to the end of the process, when you will go home with your baby.